I was born in Afghanistan in a time of war and desolation. As a result, when I was only two months old, my family left everything behind and ran for safety. We ended up in Iran which was also going through a war. At that time, we stayed strong and close as a family living through the devastating Iran-Iraq war that lasted for eight years. During these trying times of my childhood, I learned that I need to be tough and strong in order to survive in this world as I witnessed bombardment, tragic destruction, and loss of human life.

     However, in 1991, we left Iran to seek a better life in Germany where I obtained my education and developed a passion for martial arts. I studied tae kwon do at the age of 13. Although this style is not meant for full-contact fighting, I learned respect and discipline while developing my own path. During this journey, I also found interest in weightlifting and bodybuilding which gave me a better understanding of my body and importance of nutrition. 

     In summer of 1998, my family, yet again, made the decision to move to the United States of America in pursuit of a new life and opportunities. This marked the most important and the final move of my family as we decided to settle in the U.S.for good. Being in a new country was difficult at first especially without the presence of many relatives and friends back in Germany. But life works itself in wonderful ways as only after a few months in the U.S., I met my Sensei, Nima Mazhari, who has become one of the most important and influential people  in my life. 

     Sensei Mazhari was also new to the states as I was, and was an active world-class full-contact fighter looking for someone to train with. I felt a deep honor to be selected by him for one-on-one private training. Our journey began in the basement of my parents' house and continues to this very day.

     The quality of Sensei Mazhari’s teaching, coaching and mentoring has been the utmost important factor in my growth and development as a martial artist over the years. In the beginning of my tournament fighting, I lost and won many fights, but I never forgot the quality that he and my parents had instilled in me which was not to give up on my dreams even when the conditions are dire. Their motto was, pick your self up, brush the adversity off and move on, but be careful not to get too arrogant on the way to success. Having their teachings and blessings with me, finally, after many years of bare-knuckle full-contact karate tournaments, I won the 2006 World Sabaki Challenge Heavyweight Division Championship. Then, having Karate as my background, I began my Muay Thai and kickboxing training in an MMA gym in Northern Virginiawhere I live and subsequently won the 2009 & 2010 Muay Thai IKF World Championship. These victories opened the gates of the MMA world to me.  Since then, I have won two armature MMA fights and one Pro-MMA fight.

     My goal is to be one of the greatest MMA fighters making my country, family, friends and coaches proud of me. To show the world the great fighter that adversity, struggle, hardship and perseverance has made out of me. To show the world the most amazing fights they will ever see.

     I want to leave a legacy behind, the legacy of Najim, “The Afghan Rock” Wali!  Here I come world!  Are you ready for the “Afghan Rock”?